Dirty Dirt: The hazards of soil pollution, and what to do about it

SoilcontamSoil pollution is the build-up of toxic substances in concentrations high enough to be hazardous to human health, wildlife and the natural ecosystem. Contaminated soil can have serious health effects on humans, as well as the environment.

Health effects on humans include organ damage, increased risk of cancer, and bioaccumulation, or the transfer of pollution throughout the food chain. Regular monitoring of soil quality can help prevent exposure to dangerous contaminants.

But what do you do if you think your soil might be polluted? EFS provides complete and innovative remediation services for addressing contaminated sites. Our remediation services include: demolition, excavation, transportation and disposal of contaminated soil, construction and installation of in-situ remediation systems, and more. Click here to see how EFS can help you remove contaminated soil.



EFS Announces Hiring of Second Generation Driller

CroppedWESTFIELD, INDIANA – Environmental Field Services, Inc. (EFS), a diverse environmental contracting firm, is pleased to announce the hiring of Ryan Warren as Drilling Manager of Westfield’s drilling operations.

Warren has over seventeen years of environmental and geotechnical drilling experience performing work in the Federal, State, and Local Government market as well as the Petroleum industry.  His past experience also includes performing drilling services for several large, international manufacturing companies. Warren even has experience in the service, assembly, and transportation of drilling equipment.

As a second generation driller, Warren was exposed to environmental drilling from early age.  His father, Ralph, began working in the industry in 1976 and passed his love for drilling on to his son.

As Drilling Manager for Environmental Field Services, Inc., Warren is responsible for all aspects of project and personnel management as well as growing and developing business related to the drilling service area including, but not limited to, direct push technology soil and groundwater sampling; hollow-stem auger drilling for geotechnical data collection; environmental soil sampling; and monitoring well installation. EFS’ drilling service area operates rotary auger and direct push technology drilling equipment.

Driven by bold vision and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Environmental Field Services, Inc. is a diverse environmental contracting firm focused on soil and ground water remediation, subsurface sampling, monitoring well installation, and industrial services. For more information on the company’s products and services, call 317.896.1116 or visit http://www.envfield.com.


Government Experience – Direct Push Technology (DPT) Soil and Groundwater Sampling – Crane, Indiana

To date, EFS has completed approximately 4,000 environmental projects ranging from direct push sampling to facility decommissioning and demolition. Below is a case study on one of their previous projects.

EFS was contracted to perform direct push technology (DPT) soil and groundwater sampling services at the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) in Crane, Indiana. The project was performed under Comprehensive Long-Term Environmental Action Navy (Clean) contract. The NSWC in Crane, Indiana is currently undergoing environmental investigation and restoration activities.

The scope of services provided by EFS included:

  • Preparing a site specific Health and Safety Plan.
  • Collecting soil samples at 115 locations to a depth of 10-20 feet below grade at two Areas of Concern (AOCs) utilizing a DT-6610 track-mounted direct push sampling rig in UXO-cleared areas.
  • Abandoning each boring locations with bentonite chips to surface grade.
  • Collecting groundwater samples to 19 boring locations utilizing a stainless steel sampling screen attached to the DT-6610 DPT probe drive roads or a temporary one-inch PVC piezometer installed at the boring location.
  • On-site management of all drill cutting and decontamination rinse water.

EFS provided Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 40-Hour HAZWOPER-trained personnel and an EFS owned DPT drill rig and sampling tools to accomplish the scope the work. All work activities were performed in accordance with OSHA, U.S. Navy and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) regulations. The project was performed on schedule and under budget within a four week period.

Hollow Stem Augering and DPT Soil Sampling

EFS was contracted to perform direct push technology (DPT) soil sampling and monitoring well installation services at 26 sites located along the I-465 corridor on the west side of Indianapolis, Indiana. The project was performed under Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) Construction, Engineering and Inspection (CEI) services contract.

The scope of services provided by EFS included:

  • Collecting soil samples at 134 locations to a depth of 16-feet below grade utilizing a DT-6610 track-mounted direct push sampling rig
  • Installation of 100 one-inch diameter PVC temporary monitoring wells at each soil sampling location
  • Installation of five two-inch diameter PVC monitoring wells utilizing a Central Mine Equipment Model 55 (CME-55) truck-mounted drill rig
  • Installation of a 4-inch x 4-inch x 5-foot steel protective cover secured within a 2-foot x 2-foot x 1-foot concrete pad at each monitoring well location
  • On-site surveying of each monitoring well and soil boring location in accordance with INDOT regulations
  • On-site management of all drill cutting and decontamination of rinse water

EFS provided Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 40-hour HAZWOPER-trained personnel and EFS-owned DPT and HSA drill rigs to accomplish the scope of work. All work activities were performed in accordance with OSHA, INDOT, Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and the City of Indianapolis regulations. The project was performed on schedule and under budget within a four month period.

Drilling Services

EFS has the equipment and expertise to provide soil, water, air and waste sampling services throughout the United States. Our staff has experience sampling soil and groundwater at the following types of sites: leaking underground storage tank (LUST); Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA); Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA); and Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). In addition, EFS has the personnel and equipment to provide air monitoring as well as hazardous and nonhazardous solid, liquid and sludge sampling services.

Our Drilling and Probing Services include:

  • Direct Push Soil and Groundwater Sampling
  • Hollow Stem Auger Drilling
  • ISCO (In Situ Chemical Oxidation) / Chemical Injection
  • Air Knife/Soft Digging
  • Monitoring/Well Installation
  • Geotechnical Drilling
  • Gas/Vapor Well Installation

EFS Recently Awarded $600k Drilling Project

Environmental Field Services, (EFS) will provide performance based environmental soil and groundwater investigation services at Redstone Arsenal in Madison County, Alabama.  EFS was recently hired by Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure (Shaw) to install up to 546 DPT soil borings and 140 overburden monitoring wells as part of this massive sampling project.  The scope of work, which also includes subsurface soil, surface water/sediment, and groundwater sampling, is part of Shaw’s Performance Management Contract with the U.S. Army Environmental Command to investigate and remediate over 300 Solid Waste Management Units at Redstone Arsenal.  EFS will support the project with a team of up to 6 onsite personnel for a period of 14 to 15 months.

Press Release: Indiana soil, water tester sets up Lewis Center office

An Indiana company that handles soil and water sampling in the environmental contracting field is opening an office in Lewis Center as its expands its operations in Ohio.

The office for Environmental Field Services Inc. will employ two or three workers initially, said Michelle Fink, a spokeswoman for the Westfield-based company.

Environmental Field Services, which has 25 employees, works on soil and groundwater remediation projects, does drilling for subsurface soil and water sampling, monitors well installations and provides industrial services. It serves energy companies, governments, environmental consulting firms and property owners.

“We’ve been doing some work in (Ohio),” Fink said. “Now we’ll have office space, equipment and personnel dedicated to the area.”

Environmental Field Services has hired Christopher Rismiller to manage its Ohio drilling operations. An Ohio State University graduate, he has 13 years of experience in environmental and geotechnical drilling, project management and contract administration… Read the Full Article