EFS is looking to fill open positions in Indiana

Now-HiringEFS is the Midwest leader in drilling; operation and maintenance; and remediation and construction services. Do you have what it takes to be part of our team? We are currently looking to fill a few open positions in our Westfield, Indiana office. To see the available openings, click here.

EFS is always interested in looking at qualified candidates for entry level field positions. Please send your cover letter, resume and salary requirements to Donna Johnson at careers-westfield@envfield.com.


One Way to Safely Identify Utility Lines and Tree Roots

Certain work sites pose problems when it comes to identifying utility lines or tree roots that could possibly hinder EFS work or put EFS employees in danger. To help with these issues, EFS uses a technique called air knifing, or soft digging. In this technique, we use compressed air that flows through a nozzle and crumbles the dirt. By working in this way, we can safely identify utility lines or tree roots, without damaging either one of them and keeping everyone safe in the process. To see this process in action, watch this video from Bloodhound Utility Locators.

To learn more about the variety of services the EFS offers, including Air Knifing/Soft Diggin, Click Here to contact us.

Exploring EFS Services – Drilling

DrillingEFS was founded in 1994 with a Geoprobe® Direct Push Sampling System in order to support subsurface environmental investigation, remediation and geotechnical evaluation by our clientele. EFS has the equipment and expertise to provide soil, water, air and waste sampling services throughout the United States. Our staff has experience sampling soil and groundwater at the following types of sites: leaking underground storage tank (LUST); Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA); Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA); and Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). In addition, EFS has the personnel and equipment to provide air monitoring as well as hazardous and nonhazardous solid, liquid and sludge sampling services.

Our Drilling and Probing Services include:

  • Direct Push Soil and Groundwater Sampling
  • Hollow Stem Auger Drilling
  • ISCO (In Situ Chemical Oxidation) / Chemical Injection
  • Air Knife/Soft Digging
  • Monitoring/Well Installation
  • Geotechnical Drilling
  • Gas/Vapor Well Installation

Drilling, Drilling, Drilling

Should I say it again……  drilling, drilling, drilling. This is one of the primary service areas offered by Environmental Field Services, Inc. (EFS). Earlier this year, EFS completed a record drilling project for our organization. And then lo and behold, several weeks after completing this project, we have been awarded another large drilling project that will have twice as many wells. Suffice it to say we are having a good drilling year. And why do clients like us? We do good work, meet the deadlines, and safety is a cornerstone of our projects.

To learn more about EFS services, visit our website www.envfield.com.  Looking for a quality drilling contractor, call Steve Burck at 317-896-1116.

Project Spotlight: Air Sparge Well Installation

EFS was contracted to provide construction and installation of air sparge wells for a groundwater corrective measures system upgrade at a former chemical distribution facility in South Bend, Indiana. EFS furnished and installed vertical air sparge wells in accordance with the Corrective Measures Study and Corrective Measures Implementation Workplan for this site.

The scope of services provided by EFS included:

  • Clearing borings with hand auger/air knife to a depth of 5-feet below grade
  • Blank-drilling to a depth of 60-feet below surface at seventeen (17) locations and 43-feet below grade at three (3) locations
  • Utilizing Hollow Stem Auger (HSA) equipment to install twenty (20) 1-inch diameter wells constructed of Schedule 80 PVC materials using flush-threaded PVC risers and 2.5-foot 0.010-inch slotted well screens
  • Containerizing all soil cuttings in roll-off boxes

Project Spotlight: DPT Soil Sampling

EFS was contracted to provide Direct Push Technology (DPT) soil sampling services as part of an investigation of underground product pipelines located in Wood River, Illinois.

The scope of services provided by EFS included:

  • Utilizing a Geoprobe® Model 6620DT, track-mounted, Direct Push Technology (DPT) unit to collect soil samples at 190 boring locations
  • Ninety-five (95) borings were sampled continuously to a depth of 12-feet below grade
  • Ninety-five (95) borings were sampled continuously to a depth of 30-feet below grade
  • Abandoning each boring location with bentonite chips to surface grade
  • Containerizing all soil cuttings in onsite roll-off boxes