EPA releases new landfill emission standards

landfill-879437_960_720New rules for solid waste landfills are expected to reduce methane emissions by 334,000 tons a year beginning in 2025- the equivalent of reducing 8.2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, according to a recent press release from the EPA.

Municipal solid waste landfills are the second-largest industrial source of methane emissions in the United States, according to the EPA, and accounted for 20 percent of methane emissions in 2014. To reduce this number, certain landfills will soon be required to install and operate a gas collection control system within 30 months after gas emissions reach 34 metric tons of non-methane organic compounds or more per year. The previous threshold was 50 metric tons per year.

The new rules will apply only to landfills constructed, modified or reconstructed after July 17, 2014, with a capacity of 2.5 million metric tons and 2.5 million cubic meters of waste or more.

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