Industry Experience – Industrial Decontamination Services – Kenosha, Wisconsin

DecontaminationTo date, EFS has completed approximately 4,000 environmental projects ranging from direct push sampling to facility decommissioning and demolition. Below is a case study on one of their previous projects.

EFS was contracted to perform industrial decontamination services in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The project was performed in conjunction with the Voluntary Party Liability Exemption (VPLE) process for the site. EFS was retained to perform aboveground storage tank (AST) cleaning and removal; annealing furnace removal; dismantling of electropolishing equipment; wastewater treatment pit demolition and removal; and concrete floor removal and replacement.

The scope of services provided by EFS included:

  • Preparing a site specific Health and Safety Plan.
  • Cleaning, removing and disposal of six ASTs and associated piping, dismantling and removal of annealing furnace and all associated ancillary equipment.
  • Purging, cleaning, removal and off-site recycling of a 10,000 gallon anhydrous ammonia tank.
  • Dismantling, removal and loading of all facility electropolishing equipment classified as D007 hazardous waste.
  • Demolition, removal and loading of three underground concrete wastewater treatment pits associated with the electropolishing process.
  • Saw cutting, removal and replacement of 4,500 square feet of 8-inch thick concrete flooring, including epoxy coating.
  • Assisting with the collection of confirmatory soil samples, decontamination, backfilling and concrete capping of five underground pits located throughout the facility.
  • Excavation and loading of 150 tons of impacted sediment material from an on-site drainage ditch.
  • Grouting and capping 300 linear feet of underground air ducts.

All work activities are performed in strict accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources requirements. EFS utilized a Wisconsin-Certified Tank Cleaner-Remover and experienced heavy equipment operators to perform the work. EFS also completed and submitted all required Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources documents associated with the tank cleaning and removal activities. All work was performed on schedule and under budget within a four week period.


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