Asbestos – A Little History

In 1975, the ban on asbestos products was expanded to include the use of wet-applied and pre-formed (molded) asbestos pipe insulation and block insulation on boilers and hot water tanks. In 1977, the EPA banned asbestos joint compounds, made domestically, but they could still be imported from other countries. In 1978, the EPA ban was extended to include spray applied asbestos containing products used for “decorative” purposes. Any structures built after 1980 which contained building materials such as acoustic ceiling tiles, vinyl floor tiles, joint vibration cloth, ventilation duct sealant and many other materials including a host of roofing products are still at risk of having asbestos containing materials (ACM) present. These materials should not be considered asbestos-free simply based on their date of construction.

In need of a pre-demolition asbestos survey?  Or need help containing ACM during demolition/renovation? Call EFS at 317.896.1116


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