Project Spotlight: Pilot Testing & Calmet® Injection

EFS was contracted to construct and conduct a pilot scale injection program at an active manufacturing facility in Northwestern Indiana to evaluate the introduction of Calmet® Solution for the treatment of groundwater impacted with hexavalent chromium. EFS returned to the site to install and implement a full-scale injection program consisting of 58 injection wells located within the plant and on the property.

The scope of services provided by EFS included:

  • Installation of a six-well pilot scale test network
  • Mobilization of chemical mix tanks, pumps and equipment
  • Construction of chemical piping manifold and well head fittings for multi-point injection
  • Monitoring of chemical feed pressures and flow rates
  • Installation of 58 injection wells for full scale project
  • Fabrication of multi-tank batch mixing system
  • Injection of 2,300 gallons of Calmet® Solution per well (133,400 total gallons)
  • Performance of multi-point injections of up to six wells per injection batch.
  • Coordination of injection events
  • Decontamination/demobilization

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