Construction Statements

Over the years we have heard non-construction people making assumptions about construction topics.  A couple are below:

  1. “All concrete is clean hard fill”.  Many states, including Indiana, have exclusions from this being solid waste, however, subtle items such as paint, mastic or tile can change the concrete from being classified as clean hard fill to being solid waste.
  2. “No one will ever build here so no compaction is required”.  While this may be the most overused statement in an effort to reduce cost on a  project such as a tank removal, it is often both inaccurate and doesn’t really save cost.  Without sufficient compaction, most loosely placed or even track compacted soil will subside over time leaving a depression.  Many times this creates a later drainage issue or even worse, the owner will construct a parking lot which settles. 

The simple answer in both of the above is to just provide good construction technique and communicate completely with the owner regarding long term impacts and liability.


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